Text 2 Give

Text 2 Give

Text2Give – simple and easy!

First time giving?

Text a penny (.01) to number listed below:

Freeport to 815-242-4757 to register.
Galena to 815-216-4326 to register.
Monroe to 608-440-9221 to register.
Morrison to 815-242-0412 to register.
Polo to 815-201-3329 to register.
Sycamore to 815-242-2070 to register.
Winnebago to 815-201-3070 to register.

You will receive a link prompting you to visit a secure site to enter your payment information.

Complete the registration. Click “GIVE” and you will receive a confirmation stating your registration and $0.01 donation were successful.

It’s that easy!

Next time:

Text the word KEYWORDS to the campus number. 

You’ll receive a text reply with a list of keywords (fund names) available for your campus. Next text the dollar amount plus the keyword. (e.g. “150 MissionsFC” to give $150 to missions or “123.45 Outreach FC to give $123.45 to Outreach)

Click send and you will receive a message “Your gift is complete!”

Text RESET to the campus number above if you need to change your information or remove your credit card.


REMEMBER You can save the number in your contacts for future donations. To tithe all you have to do is text the amount only.

Text REFUND to the number, if you made an error. Text EDIT to update your giving account or if you don’t want your card information saved by the secured third party agency.

If you have questions please call 815-233-9004 ext. 121