LifeGroup Leader Information

LifeGroup Leader Information

About Being a LifeGroup Leader

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Encouraging spiritual growth through life giving relationships.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a LifeGroup leader!

LifeGroups are foundational to what we do as a church. In fact, along with our CareGroups, they make up our GroupLife Pillar.

At Crossroads, we believe that life transformation happens as we pursue a relationship with Jesus and through the practical application of Scripture in community with others who are seeking this same goal. LifeGroup leaders help create an environment facilitating spiritual growth in community as a vital component in achieving our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!

What is a LifeGroup?

In LifeGroups we apply God’s Word as we discuss the issues and challenges of life with a group of friends. It’s where we pray together, care for one another, and are missed if we don’t show up. LifeGroups provide a place to develop our spiritual gifts and talents as we serve each other and our communities in the name of Jesus.

LifeGroups are comprised of 8 to 12 individuals, 5 to 6 couples or a mix of both for young adults that meet in someone’s home, office or café with the goal of connecting relationally and growing spiritually while experiencing authentic biblical community.

LifeGroups commit to meet together for 12 to 24 months. The discussion focus portion of a LifeGroup is based on the practical application of Crossroads Weekend Experience message series or curriculum from our Right Now Media platform.

Since LifeGroup leaders play such an important role, we take great care in equipping them for successful LifeGroup ministry.

LifeGroup leadership is structured around a Campus Pastor>Champion>Team Leader>LifeGroup Leader model with the GroupLife Pastor overseeing the overall group ministry at Crossroads.

God’s plan for the church is that we would “gather in the temple and meet house to house” (Acts 2:46)  in small groups where we would learn to become more like Jesus, live out our faith in practical ways, and connect with others who will support and sharpen us along the way. His heart is that everyone at Crossroads and those we are reaching out to in our communities would find a spiritual growth group where they can be rooted and grounded in relationships and practical application of Scripture that makes a difference to the way they live their lives.

Role Description

LifeGroup Leader

Roles & Responsibilities

LifeGroup leaders are responsible for providing their groups with vision, direction and support. Leaders are successful when they are personally growing in their relationship with God and encouraging their group members to do the same. LifeGroup leaders are supported by participation in a Team Coaching Group of approximately seven other LifeGroup leaders along with a LifeGroup Team Leader that meets three to four times a year. Team Leaders are also available for consultation for specific issues that may come up outside of the team coaching time through a monthly phone call and emails.


  • Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Recognize the Bible as the authority for their lives
  • Have a heart for seeing people grow spiritually in a LifeGroup
  • Are Partners of Crossroads Community Church
  • Have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group


  • Lead their group in accordance with our Eight Leader Essentials.
  • Engage in leadership development through quarterly Group Coaching Team and ongoing relationship with their LifeGroup Team Leader/Champion.
Next Steps

Getting Started:

1) Connect with your campus LifeGroup Champion—interview and plug into Coaching Group.

2) If you are launching a new LifeGroup we will supply you with the Circle Up Starter curriculum

3) Review Leader Essentials:

4) Gather your group: Community Series campaign or GroupLink if you do not already have a group. The most effective way to build a group is to start with those you are in relationship with and invite them into your newly forming group.

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