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Confident Kids

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Confident Kids support groups help children, birth – 6th grade, heal from divorce, loss, anger and family substance issues. Kids learn the skills necessary to understand talk about and cope with their life circumstances in healthy and positive ways.

In our changing society, children are having a harder and harder time growing up. There are so many stressful things for all of us to manage, and our kids are approaching overload! Confident Kids is a Bible-based support group program designed to help your children learn to deal with these high-stress situations in healthy, growing ways.

We hope to teach children how to talk about their experiences and provide a loving and safe environment in which to do so. These support groups teach children skills to cope with their life experiences in healthy and positive ways. We hope to help them build self-esteem and a sense of trust through relationships with caring adult facilitators. Our goal is to guide children into a relationship with God and show them how God and the Bible are resources for dealing with their life circumstances.

What Others Are Saying

Mary…Celebrate Recovery has had an overwhelming impact on my life as well as my children. They enthusiastically attended the Confident Kids program where they are learning to identify and cope with their feelings and personal situations.


Confident Kids meets at the Freeport Campus on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

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