Empowering Couples

Empowering Couples

Empowering Couples

Empowering Couples is a 14 week support group with a Christ centered “Created for Connection” weekend retreat. Your marriage is one of the most important and potentially satisfying relationships you’ll ever have. Research has confirmed that healthy marital relationships are correlated with physical and emotional health. But relationships are always changing, even those that begin healthy and strong can face challenges over time.

Empowering Couples groups provide tools that allow couples to proactively enrich their marriage relationship and will encourage couples to explore and learn how to discuss their relationship with one another. Partners will be taught effective relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution, closeness and couple flexibility.

A customized assessment is included with our Empowering Couples support group designed to identify and provide specific feedback on what you can do as a couple to build and improve your relationship. Your trained facilitator couple will guide you by highlighting relationship strengths and using those strengths and skill-building exercises to grow areas that are not yet strengths-”growth areas”. Some areas covered are: financial issues, personality differences, personal, couple and family goals.

Empowering Couples includes a Christ centered “Created for Connection Retreat”. Empowering Couples members are eligible to attend this weekend getaway that is supportive, safe, practical and positive. See below for more information.

Freeport Campus

NEW GROUP BEGINS September 9, 2021 | 6:30pm

For More Information, questions, or register please contact:
Linda at the Freeport Campus
815.233.9004 x180 or email lbartosiak@crossroadscn.com